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asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-2952That moment that I knew this engagement shoot was going to be awesome? Groom-to-be (AKA Andy) walks up in a lobster button down. “That’s all he asked for” said Rachel. And that’s all he needed, because Andy and Rachel were both so much fun during our session together! The day started off within walking distance from our homes. You see.. Rachel and Andy live a couple blocks away from me! Often, while driving home at sunset, I notice this amazing spot practically in my backyard.. with soft light filtering in through the trees. When R+A told me that they’d love for their dogs to be a part of our session.. I knew that should be location #1!


These two poochies were so good! Tip for photographers.. when you want a dog.. or in this case.. dogs – to look at you.. You have to “woof” at them! It worked this time and every time for me. We got this shot within 3 minutes or so. Such cuties!


Rachel is gorgeous.. and has the prettiest smile!


Above: I love how R+A incorporated this beautiful blanket in their session.


Above photo: They thought we were done.. probably because I said “okay! let’s head to Asbury Park!”.. but on our way to the car, I noticed these pretty trees and stopped for one last shot before heading to the beach :)


Seriously R+A.. as I was posting this photo into the blog post, I smiled and giggled because it was so cute. Just sayin’ :)asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-3204asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-3227asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-3119asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-1616asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-1565asbury-park-engagement-photo-kristen-driscoll-20130605-1585

Can you feel the love and happiness just by looking at these two? I can. I’m so happy and excited to photograph their wedding this winter! Happy Wedding planning Rachel and Andy!

In Love,


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