Kristen Driscoll Photography : Resident Rock Photographer at The Gallery 13

See that open space, to the right on that beautiful brick wall at The Gallery 13? That is where I will be displaying my Asbury Park ROCK Photography from now on. I officially become The Gallery 13’s resident Rock Photographer on April 1, 2012. No joke ;D Haha!


I have so many plans for this space. My fellow gallery residents have given me permission to hold shows (meaning music performances) at The Gallery 13 the second week of each month.


My plan for the 9 foot wide, super tall wall space? To rotate my work monthly (I have plenty of amazing musicians in Asbury Park that will  provide me with  material and concepts to photograph !) and feature different musicians. The featured musician will perform at The Gallery 13 located within the Shoppes at The Arcade, 658 Cookman Ave, Suite 5, Asbury Park, NJ 07712 each month. Who have I been talking to regarding our first show? Angie Sugrim of the Obvious and Deseree Spinks of Des and the Swagmatics.


Check out my first rotation of work at First Saturday, April 7! I’m hoping to schedule The Obvious and Deseree Spinks either the 27th or 28th of April. Stay tuned! You know I’ll keep you posted!


How I feel about live performance / ROCK photography:


Photography is a field full of concepts and perspectives. I look for bands that have created their own awesome concept, whether it be in song, look or stage performance, among other qualities. I photograph these performers from my perspecitve. Each photographer has their own unique perspective. The band’s concept + the photographer’s perspective = a work of art. Teamwork.


When it comes to promotional photos, the musician and I can either collaborate on the concept – OR I tell them.. bring your instrument and meet me here.. and I conceptualize away like I did for Gerald Edward. That was one amazing photo shoot and I’d love to feature him in May!


In Love,

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