Be who you are.. Say what you feel.. { NJ Baby Photographer }

…Those who mind don’t matter

…Those who matter don’t mind.

-Dr. Suess


Annabelle came for another visit yesterday. Her mommy brought bagels and we caught up on the last two episodes of Smash (my new favorite show!) who I worked on my website via my MacBook Pro. Have you noticed I updated the photos on the home page? Yay!

If you have been viewing my posts often, you know that I love incorporating things from the home into baby photo shoots. I feel it is more personal to who the family is. Over the last few weeks, when Heidy and Annie come to visit, I’ve been incorporating the things that mean something to me, in my home, in the photos I take of her. This week, Dr. Suess is featured, of course! Also, Annie is laying on a painting created by Josh “Dogmatic” Matson. This was the symbol of the 2011 Asbury Park Music Awards, which I actually presented at.

Date: March 7, 2012

Age: 7 months, 8 days


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