What Being a Professional Photographer is Like | Kristen Driscoll Photography

. Being a photographer is more than knowing how to properly expose an image. It’s more than knowing how to achieve that creamy bokeh in your shallow depth of field.. or what lens to use for the best compression. It is more than owning a certain camera and knowing every technical aspect about it. . Being a photographer is about determination – and rocking the shot. The adrenaline that coincides with knowing that you found that perfect angle, you’ve just captured the perfect candid expression.. or lined something up so... Read The Rest →

Alison + Kevin | Los Angeles California { Destination Photographer }

I couldn’t resist going through and posting these photos. Below are Kevin and Alison, our amazing hosts for the last four nights in Los Angeles, California. Not only did they welcome us into their home (which they recently moved to from the Asbury Park NJ area ) they also planned a bunch of fun things for us to do, such as some amazing restaurants, Rock Sugar to name one.. and field trips to spots like the Griffith Observatory which we loved! The four of us ( My life-partner, JPA is... Read The Rest →

Our Favorite Image from California 2012 | Destination Photographer

My eyes are always searching for things like this. Found this great cove in La Jolla Beach California this past Sunday and set up JPA in it.. set the self timer and voila! In Love, Kristen       PS – I’m about to head up to the Hollywood sign in moments, to have a super fun Rock N’ Roll themed Style Shoot of Alison and Kevin. Stay tuned! Share → Tweet

Our Kitten Jude!

Jude loves to sit next to me while I’m in my office editing photos. My camera was on my desk, so I just snapped a couple quick shots. Judey’s first professional photos! We love him so much! Share → Tweet

2 Year Anniversary Secret Admirer Roses..

Date: February 25, 2012 Location: Home! ..Thank you to who ever left JPA and I roses on February 19! We were in NYC for our 2nd anniversary, but our good friends Val and Andrew dog / house sat for us and took these pretty roses in. Now, wilting and on their way out a week later, I wanted to remember them by this photo. Thanks again to who ever you are! Smile.   Share → Tweet