Andrew + Val = In Love. So Exciting! { NJ Couples Photographer }

I’ve known Andrew for half my life. We met in high school in math class.. and a friend of ours three way called me with Andrew on the line, a few days later. That’s how we became friends! Ever since we’ve been in touch. He has always been there for me.. and is actually about to be my “Man of Honor” when I get married. I love his partner, Val. I call her my female Andrew. She complements him better than anyone else ever could. I couldn’t have asked for better friends than them both. They would do anything for me – and I would do anything for them.

They are both so beautiful, but terrified of being photographed! So as a gift, I proved them wrong and had a session with two of my best friends. Here are their results. Enjoy!

Date: November,19 2011

Place: Pier Village, Long Branch, NJ

Where we went to eat after the shoot: The Turning Point

What I ate: Bananas Foster

What they ate: I can’t remember. My Bananas Foster was too good to notice!

When are they taking the next step? See below!

Andrew and Val are currently in the process of buying their first home together. A few weeks ago, they took me to see it (from the outside). It’s actually in the development across the street from me! When they took me to see it, I snapped a photo of them in front of it, with my iPhone. Andrew submitted said photo into a conest “The Daily Love Stories” and they won! (An iPad 2!)

Here is the link to their winning photo!

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