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I remember the day that Andrea said she and Aaron were going to start trying for a baby. She started taking prenatal vitamins and while not much of a drinker to begin with, stopped drinking that one Mike’s Hard Lemonade she’d have on occasion in social situations. Pregnancy was just a thought, not yet a reality – but she being the uber organized awesome individual that she is – pulled all the stops. She and her husband Aaron have been married since April 2010, and Aaron has treated his step-sons Joey & Daniel as his own, since he met them six years ago. That being said, Andrea has only raised boys (and has been doing the best job at it – I’ve never seen a more caring mother!). When she learned that she was pregnant with a girl, almost a decade after her last child was born, she was beyond words! It was adorable.. “outfits!?” she’d say.. boys didn’t dress in outfits! I knew she’d get the hang of it. The expressions she made at her baby shower while opening up the little headbands and skirts were so memorable.



Joey and Daniel are already talking about the rules they are going to give Molly’s future boyfriends and how they are her “protectors!” I’ve never seen Aaron so vigilant. I love how he looks at her. Its his first time being a Dad – and wow. Again.. words just can’t describe.. so hopefully these photos below can! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy watching these moments as much as I did capturing them. Kaplans, thank you SO much for letting me share this cherished time with you all.


You should’ve seen Danny’s face the first time he held Molly!

Auntie Sarah impersonates “Baby Gaga” – a CLASSIC! : )

Looking into Mommy’s eyes..

Hello World.. er, Kristen’s lens. She’ll be seeing a LOT of it. Yay!

Molly’s Grandparents hold her for the first time!

When I took the above shot, I had to stand on a chair over Molly and shoot down (very carefully of course with the camera secured to my neck). Aaron stood by, right next to me. The best Daddy in the world!

Per Andrea’s request, I photographed each tiny feature of this beautiful baby..

I LOVE the below / left photo of Andrea and Molly. It is so tender!

I’ve loved this family for years and years, so it was only fitting to prop my camera securely on a stack of diapers (I call it a faux-tripod!) , adjust settings, focus and turn on the self timer! Thank you, Molly & Co. for letting me be apart of your life, just 12 hours after your birth! A true honor.


In Love,

Kristen Driscoll!

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