Gerald Edward Side A / Side B Douple EP Release Show { NJ Promotional Photographer }

Gerald is awesome. One of my favorite clients by far. I always ask my musician clients to bring an instrument to play for me in an obscure place. Gerald played his mandolin and guitar for me while singing some of my favorite songs of his. This was my favorite promotional session. I think I called him “Son of McCartney” at least twice.. we had a blast! It took place almost a year ago, and G.E. chose to slowly leak his photos out (smart man!), which is why I haven’t posted many on .

His music is wonderful. Join me on March 23, 2012 at Langosta Lounge while I photo this awesome talent.. and eat some amazing food ( and they actually have Hoegaarden there – my fave Belgium white). Not to mention the art and decor inside Langosta is just amazing and unique. See you then!

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