Andrew + Val = In Love. So Exciting! { NJ Couples Photographer }

I’ve known Andrew for half my life. We met in high school in math class.. and a friend of ours three way called me with Andrew on the line, a few days later. That’s how we became friends! Ever since we’ve been in touch. He has always been there for me.. and is actually about to be my “Man of Honor” when I get married. I love his partner, Val. I call her my female Andrew. She complements him better than anyone else ever could. I couldn’t have asked for... Read The Rest →

Sammy: Six Month Smirk Portraits! { NJ Baby Photographer }

My parter, John Paul, actually wrote a song about Sammy. It’s actually only one verse.. a chorus.. and John says he wants to use it for a skit.. simliar to Lambert the Sheepish Lion.. for those of you born in the 70s/80s.. you’ll know what I’m talking about. I can’t give too much away, but all I know is that I was singing “Sammy.. can he…?!” followed by the lyrics that follow during his shoot today. He’s such an adorable baby, and his smile brightens the room! Date: January 25,... Read The Rest →