Manhattan NYC City Hall Elopement | Maria and Ryan Wed

I’m so excited to share to New York City Elopement with you! Maria and Ryan flew in from the U.K. this week to get married in Manhattan. I really enjoyed my time with them and was honored to be the witness of their marriage. We had so much fun together and I’ll never forget their special wedding day – it was so much fun capturing a slice of NYC and many of her “trademarks” for this special couple to bring back to Europe, through my photos. Waiting for our number... Read The Rest →

NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer, Kristen Driscoll | New York City Hall Elopements

I was recently asked by a local Art Council to submit the top ten favorite images I’ve captured. This candid photo of two brides waiting to be called into their separate ceremonies at New York City Hall has got to be one of my favorites. I think something I said brought on these candid smiles – and this capture brightened my day. The bride with the bird-cage veil happily volunteered that she got her amazing head piece at a shoppe located within Penn Station! The bride on the right was... Read The Rest →

Manhattan City Hall Candid Fun! { NYC Wedding Photographer }

Date: February 24, 2012 Location: City Hall, Manhattan I was hired to shoot an amazing city hall wedding yesterday.. but not by the people pictured below! I’m quick with my camera and took these during the moments of waiting to be called in for MY couple’s ceremony. My bride actually said, “Take it, take it! That will be so great for your portfolio!” She comes from a similar profession and knows the ropes! So, below are candids (and two posed after they realized I was taking candids!) of some lovely... Read The Rest →