The first thing you notice about Kristen is her genuine smile and warm personality. Even if you’ve never met her before working with her, these things will put you right at ease. As a photographer, Kristen is full of energy and ideas. If you’re planning a shoot but aren’t sure where to go or what your concept should be, she can certainly help; however, if you have a detailed plan Kristen is content to let her clients have control. I participated in a shoot with Kristen a few months ago and had a wonderful time. The resulting photos were so impressive; she captured small, meaningful moments and caught everyone at their best. I’ve also had the honor of having Kristen shoot some of my live shows; again, her knack for capturing the best expressions, glances between people, and exciting moments is exceptional. I would definitely work with Kristen again – in fact, I plan on it!”

– Jerzy Jung, Musician


[Regarding Kristen, speaking to her about her photography] In the Asbury Park scene, you’re the one. You’re it!”

– John Heroine, Tattooed Music Magazine


Kristen Driscoll is a photographer that captures the organic essence of her subjects without disrupting the flow of their existence. Capturing those moments of passionate and fleeting seconds of brilliance insures a set of memories that will last a lifetime.”

Kristen Driscoll is a badass shooter. Comes from the same quality cloth of Mike Black and Mark Weiss. If you’re in a band, look up Kristen, Mike or Mark and get some real press shots. ”

– John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly


“K Drisc,” as I call her, is one of the most brilliant up and coming young photographers on the local Jersey Shore music scene. She has taken many photos of each of my 6 bands, and every picture was simply beautiful. She has an excellent view point of color and lighting as shown in her band pictures especially. Her work reminds me of Astrid Kutcher (one time photographer of the Beatles). It would not surprise me one bit when K Drisc elevates to the next level of photography very soon. Keep your eyes on this girl’s work, everyone!”

– Mike Smith, Lead Vocalist, Earthman, Bassist, The Obvious, Co-Vocalist & Bassist, MoodSwing, Former Bassist, Captain James and the P.A.I.N & Last Perfect Thing


Kristen, thank you for being a part of the [2011] ASBURY MEDIA EXPO. You did an impeccable job displaying your work and covering the show as a photographer. Your professionalism, kindness, and enthusiasm was quite reminiscent of Debra Rothenberg to me… AND the pictures you took exude an intimacy and humanity that really illustrated the overall depth and feel of the vibe present that night. Well done Lass…”

– Coleman R. Brice, Colie Brice and The New Age Blues


Kristen Driscoll has a unique eye on the world, enthusiasm and professionalism. This rare combination that makes her one of the best photographers I have encountered. I recommend her without hesitation.”

I recommend to everyone reading this to see Kristen’s wonderful photography. She has a long career ahead.”

– Mike Black, Mike Black Photography


Kristen is as passionate about life and music as she is talented and able as a photographer. Her attitude and approach are 100% professional, with her personality and ability to connect with everyone around her simply amazing. We felt completely at ease during our various sessions with Kristen… enough so we’re thinking of making her the sixth member of the band. Rock on girl!

– Ray Milora, Guitarist, Four the Day


Kristen Driscoll is an extremely gifted photographer. Working with her is always a pleasure–she’s incredibly creative and knows how to capture the best in her subjects. I look forward to working with Kristen again soon–she’s the only photographer for me and my band! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional. From casual moments to formal events, she is the best there is.”

– Angie Sugrim, Lead Vocals / Guitar , The Obvious


There’s no one I’d rather have taking pictures of me than Kristen Driscoll. She has consistently taken many of the best pictures representing this community over the past years of local artists, Myself and my projects. She rocks.
Kristen Driscoll photography was a huge aspect to the Asbury Park Rockstars charities. She raised a substantial amount of money for these worthy causes. People immediately were drawn to having her to take photographs and she graciously raised money to donate.”

– Rick Barry, Singer / Songwriter


You’re my favorite photographer from the area, even over [censored!]. You have a new angle and I love it. You fit what I look for more often than not, with out trying. A very natural fit on visual representation. I’m really glad people are starting to really acknowledge your talent and i cant wait until the day we can pay you some serious money to get some tour footage with us. You ARE appreciated… we love what you do for us!”

– Matt King, Earthman, Lead Guitary, Vocals


These are some of the most stunning photos I’ve ever seen. Wow! Great job”

– Carol Barbieri, Singer / Songwriter