Olivia’s 4th Birthday | Point Pleasant, NJ Boardwalk | NJ Children and Baby Photography

Remember when you were a child, playing on the beach with no concept of time, running around with a shovel and pail without a care in the world? Digging up hermit crabs… chasing the waves. It’s hard for me to believe that I’m at the age where so many of  my friends are having children of their own. Whenever I photograph kids, I remember what it was like for me at their age and usually have a big smile on my face the whole session. I love when long lost friends that have seen my work on Facebook contact me and ask me to photograph their kids. Friends that I used to be a kid with are now having kids of their own. Its awesome focusing my lens on faces that look just like their parents that I used to know so well :)



Here are Olivia’s Fourth Birthday photos. Olivia’s Mom and I were friends almost a decade ago, and I’m so happy we were reunited because of something I love. Photography. Olivia’s little brother, Alex ( 18 months ) snuck into a few of the shots as well. He’s so adorable too!








PS – Thanks for being such a great model, Olivia! I even used your photo for a promotion I’m running for Summer 2012. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Click on the photo to see a larger version of it :)



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