Coming Soon.. Siobhan and John’s Las Vegas Wedding | Kristen Driscoll Photography | Destination Wedding Photographer

Next to visiting London, Liverpool and Amsterdam with my fiance in 2010, I think this trip to Las Vegas (with an extention to Hollywood and San Diego, CA ) was the BEST trip I have ever been on. I often day dream about it, wishing we had the chance to visit out west again soon. Lately, I have been finalizing last minute touches for my exhibit, LIFE, which opens this Saturday March 2 at The Gallery 13″ .. and re-vising lots of my favorite images. I photographed my good friend Siobhan’s wedding as a wedding gift last Spring.. and unfortunately was never able to blog it. Until now. After the opening reception of LIFE takes place, I will be putting energy into this amazing wedding. Can’t wait to relive it again! :)

Las Vegas, Neveda is a cool place.. and not just because of the strip. This was one of those “I don’t think I’m supposed to be back here.. but this would be the perfect atmosphere for this shot!” photos. I walked out the back door of the venue into an area surrounded by walls. It looked like the area that deliveries come.. and staff takes cigarette breaks. I loved the wall.. a little too high for me, so a chair helped me place the flowers on it.. and then after backing up plenty of feet, that same chair gave me a little height so I could capture the land beyond the wall. Hmm. “The Land Beyond the Wall” – poetic! Siobhan’s flowers, shoes and I had the perfect amount of time out there before going back inside. I was happy :)




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