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It was a gorgeous fall day and a wedding in my favorite town, Asbury Park, NJ. I had know Catie and Jimmy for several years now, and when they asked me to photograph their wedding (while we were practicing for the Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball Tournament) I was so excited. You see, my photography career started when my two loves, music and photography met. I loved photographing live music in Asbury Park (still do!) and I made so many new friends and acquaintances when doing so! Catie and Jimmy were a part of this community as well, and I was so excited to photograph their wedding. The wedding party stayed at my favorite Asbury Park Hotel, The Berkeley. Their suite had great views of the town including the boardwalk and The Wonder Bar, Convention Hall (pictured below) and more.



The above and below photo were taken just outside Flying Saucer’s remote store within Convention Hall. I photographed Catie and Jimmy’s wedding bands on an amazing night sky photo (above) titled “Forever Wonder” by Jack Fusco (who has been featured in National Geographic!)  His framed photo was for sale within the shop and I couldn’t resist borrowing it for a moment. The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8110

If you look closely to the lower left photo, you can see Catie’s dress hanging in the background! And here is Asbury’s mascot, TILLY! :)The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8127 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8152

I loved Catie’s beautiful earrings, shown below on her heels.The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8162

Catie’s makeup was done by the talented and very professional (and friendly) Yvonne Moss. Yvonne not only knows how to do a great makeup, but is also very educated in so many other wedding tips and details!   The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8224 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8246 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8310

Catie and Mom, these two were so cute!The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8336

Catie’s Sister/Maid of Honor helps her fasten her dress. They laughed the whole time. Loved it!The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8390



If you look out this ^ window and to your left < you would see this (below) !



Catie and Jimmy chose to do a “first look.” A “First Look” is a very common thing to do these days, for many reasons! ManyBrides and Grooms have said that they feel so nervous leading up to the ceremony. First Looks enable a very special moment together, followed by a sense of ease for the rest of this very important day. It enables for two very specials moment, because when they see each other at the aisle for the first time in front of their loved ones, it is amazing all over again! It allows for more time for photos! Catie and Jimmy had all of their portraits finished before the ceremony even started, so they were able to enjoy their cocktail hour, too! Lastly, if a ceremony is to begin at sunset, a First Look enables me to capture natural light (best!) portraits.


The anticipation! They have still not seen each other yet! I love taking a photo of the B&G holding hands before they have locked eyes.


The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-First-Look-Photos-20121020-1770 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-First-Look-Photos-20121020-1774 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-First-Look-Photos-20121020-1789 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-First-Look-Photos-20121020-1820






The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-1987 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-2005 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Photos-20121020-2039-2 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Photos-20121020-2032-2

Off to my favorite part – out door portraits!


The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8674The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8668  The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8636

The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8693The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8653 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8690


A surprise visit! These wedding guests live within walking distance from the venue. They popped in for some photos :)


I LOVE this invitation and the way the leaves matched it! This is a drawing of Catie and Jimmy in Asbury Park!




She hearts him :)The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-8761 The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-2152


Time to walk over to the ceremony at Trinity and the Pope* for a short+sweet ceremony and dance party of a reception! The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-2235The-Berkeley-Asbury-Park-Wedding-Photos-20121020-2277

Such a cute theme for fall.









Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9582 Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9718 Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9249

Wedding pie and donuts – so yummy!    Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9530Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9387 Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9565Trinity-and-the-Pope-Asbury-Park-NJ-Wedding-Photos-20121020-9424



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*Trinity and the Pope has closed its doors sine this awesome wedding… but you can visit the other amazing Kitschens restaurants, such as Langosta Lounge, Dauphin Grill, Pop’s Garage & Labrador Lounge for more of Marilyn Schlossbach’s awesome cuisine !


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    Kristen is an amazing photographer!!! She’s also an amazing person too. She will make you laugh by hearing hers…she will make you smile by seeing hers. Her good vibes will take over and fill the atmosphere with happiness. She’s awesome to work this, and I recommend her to anyone and everyone…and their mommas too!! :)

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      Thanks Shannon! :)

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